Question about Cloning Animation and Transition Effects from a Website

Hello, I have a question. I’m trying to clone this website: Waboku: YOKAI'S RECORD | PSY-CLONE. What is the term for the animation where the cube image transitions? And what technology should I use to achieve such effects?

It is OK to be inspired by a site, but it is not OK to clone a site.

The best would be to ask the owner (or the developer) of the site. Have you done this?

As for the actual transition effect, there are several different transition effects on this site, and I’m not sure which one do you ask for. In any case, if it is a genuine creation of the artist, it may still have no name.

For example, I’ve made a transition between two textures using a temporal texture that controls time at per pixel precision (each pixel has its own timeline). I don’t know what is the name of this effect.

The site uses Three.js, so Three.js is a good choice.