Portfolio Website built with React and Popmotion

A personal portfolio to showcase a few projects. Check out a live version of the component design system.

Check it out | Github Repo

Project preview


I’m on my 5 year old windows laptop now, and I’m barely able to get anywhere on your website because it’s so sloooooowwww… Works well on my MacBook pro, though. Since it’s your portfolio website optimizing it in terms of performance, especially for mobile devices, might be something to think about.

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Looks great, ran smoother than I expected on my near decade old work pc.

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Works fine on my Apollo-era mainframe, too


Thank you for your feedback.

That is at the top of my priorities right now, and hopefully, I will have that sorted out soon.

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Very cool designs! It’s incredible how amazing things can look with such simple components and color play :star_struck:

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Very sleek and silky design - Looks velvety smooth! Its the intro screen that stands out for me. A nicely executed combination of aesthetics and tech.

One thing I had trouble with though, was after clicking on “Projects”, I didn’t know what I had to do to see the next project. It took me a while to realise I had to scroll down. But could just be my brain being numb.

Were you not taken to the first project?
I’ll have to look into that scroll behavior.

When clicking on projects, I was taken to the first one fine. All I mean is that for some reason (maybe just me) I was looking around for a “Next project” button, and didn’t realise that I could see project #2 by scrolling down. Totally just my opinion, but maybe consider using a “scroll down for more” icon like you have in the intro fold?

You should make youtube tutorial.

I like to rely on native scrollbars to communicate this but I’ll explore this nevertheless.