Paid Project: I am looking for three.js developer

Hello, there.
I am looking for developer what implement the Character movement system.
Current, I have a project for character movement to include several features.
But, In my project, it has an issue of movement of character.
Feel free to send me message and reply.

A little side-note - if you’re using react three fiber, this may be helpful.

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I have a lot of experience concerning characters and their animation with three.js, this is my portfolio:

You can contact me at

Thank you,

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Hi, Thanks for your job posting
I am very interested.
Could you explain in more details?
Please contact me

I’m threejs developer and 3d designer
Please contact me for more details

Hi, @3D_Website_developer
Is there anything I can help you?

Hello, @3D_Website_developer.
I can help you.
Plz DM me.

I second this!

All Best! I’m a seasoned Three.js expert.

GitHub - sunabouzu1991/character, link to the project.