[Paid]Design 2D representation of 4D and 5D polytopes rotating in a 3d space

reference: https://youtu.be/Vs-xpWB_VCE?t=229
This is a personal project, would require math knowledge. Pay can be negotiated within reason

Hey. I have experience with polytopes.
let’s discuss more detail

It must rotate in 4D/5D and have vertices and edges just like the video

honestly, 4d animation is to change polytope’s shape
but what is 5d rotation?

I didn’t understand what do you mean 4d/5d rotation

Check the reference from beginning of the video till the end, i just want to replicate everything in that video using three.js and put it on a website. reach me via emai: jesse.chejieh@gmail.com

Hi @yosan_melese would you be available for this?

Hi @Vasanth_Kumar would you be available for this?

@DevRed91 would you be available to take this?

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