OpenAge 3d. Entering the matrix.

Remaking the world, in the browser.

You might need to refresh once.

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Thanks for showing your project. I walked for a while in this virtual world. I was even able to go outside it. The keyboard-based rotation with Q and E was too fast for me, but this is OK, I’m not a gamer.

It appears that this is just some initial version of the island. Do you plan to add more things and make something like a game?

I’m thinking of this as being just the beginning of a virtual world, in which we can do things just like in the real world. And then some.

Allow the user to make any object, and put their own texture on it. The user can remake their own house in this world. Then walk around as if they are there.

Or build entire cities like Madrid or New York etc.
Build the entire planet. It’s just a topographical mesh. Big one… yeah, but just a mesh.

Then I need to add physics to it. It’s now such that all movements are vectors. Which brings me closer to adding physics to it.

It’s an endless project, but super interesting.

And games, yeah. Games. But a game would only be data inside the virtual world. The virtual world would not revolve about the game, or a number of games.
You can make a game in this world, just like you can make a game in the real world.

We want to put the code under the hood for good.

And to program logic in this new world. Without code.
Under the hood it is turned into code.
But typing code was never meant for humans.
We only do it that way for it’s the best that exists so far.

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This is a very challenging goal.
Good luck with your project.