online solarsystem-3D

Link to play:
You can learn more detail about the Solar System.

The cool tour about all planets, and show details.

And solar system model

And satellites for every planet


Love the side-by-side comparisons! The only thing is that I couldn’t find a way to interact with it. How do you open the UI panels that are visible in the screenshots? Would be nice to let the user move the camera and control skipping to prev/next slide, especially since different people read at different speeds. Without interactivity, this feels like watching a video.

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Oh, when you first open this website, it will show the animation ( Tour ). This tour will be done after about 1 minutes.

Then it will should the 3D solar-system Model.

Then hover \ click\ double click everything you can do.

But when you first open this website, it will show you the tour first.


“Pay tribute to China Aerospace and NASA”

Just curious… What did China Aerospace do for space exploration ? Compared to ESA, JAXA, and the Soviet Union ?

Well they are one of the few nations who were able to send people up there on their own. Let us see what is wiki saying:

China has a space program with an independent human spaceflight capability. It has developed a sizable family of successful Long March rockets. It has launched two lunar orbiters, Chang’e 1 and Chang’e 2. On 2 December 2013, China launched a modified Long March 3B rocket, with Chang’e 3 Moon lander and its rover Yutu on-board toward the Moon and successfully performed soft landing and rover operations, becoming the third country to do so.[29] It also has plans to retrieve samples by late 2017. In 2011, China embarked on a program to establish a manned space station, starting with the launch of Tiangong 1 and followed by Tiangong 2 in 2016. China attempted to send a Mars orbiter (Yinghuo-1) in 2011 on a joint mission with Russia, which failed to leave Earth orbit. Nevertheless, the 2020 Chinese Mars Mission with an orbiter, a lander and a rover has been approved by the government and is aiming a launch date in the year 2020.[30]
China has aimed to undertake scientific development in fields like Solar System exploration. China’s Shenzhou 7 spacecraft successfully performed an EVA in September 2008. China’s Shenzhou 9 spacecraft successfully performed a manned docking in June 2012. Furthermore, China’s Chang’e 2 explorer became the first object to reach Sun-Earth Lagrangian point in August 2011 and also the first probe to explore both Moon and asteroid by making a flyby of the asteroid 4179 Toutatis. China has launched DAMPE, the most capable dark matter explorer to date in 2015, and world’s first quantum communication satellite QUESS in 2016.

Seems dated, but you get the idea. They are catching up faster than anyone else.