๐Ÿ’พ Off-line caching



Huge list of resources: https://github.com/pazguille/offline-first

Via https://love2dev.com

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What other problems are you aware of when developing off-line web apps while using Three.js?


well all kind of storages (localStorage,indexDb.etc.)are with limit.


I would generally suggest to let the browser do that. Browsers do the request/response-caching out of the box and if the file is not to big, the response will be cached.

For a good results itโ€™s recommend to:

  • Use Draco compression
  • Use GLB if possible?
  • Deliver a zipped version of it

Nevertheless, if you try to implement some caching strategie, i have one (maybe helpfull) hint. You will have to split files above a certain size to get it in a indexedDB for example and parse it to an supported format.

Good look @ben !