Obj Loading and make road path on it, see description and image [Solved]

I created one 3d Map .obj (Using 3d max). Then I loaded this map using three.js. Then I created one cube. This cube must be move on the road. how I can read the obj property and how I can set road on the map., Now this cube going in white space. Currently I gave manual road path for moving cube.
Please share ur mail then I can send you obj files. Please Help me. sandip.d@nipun.net

see example… webvr_rollercoaster

A similar question was already asked here: How to realize the track running

The rollercoaster example and this one use the same approach mentioned in the linked post.

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that roller-coaster done in scipt, we can fetch point but, In my code I added Obj File. See once code

You can achieve by drawing the path, such as the use of THREE.SplineCurve3 class to draw a walking path.
Look at this example http://blog.csdn.net/yangnianbing110/article/details/51363629 might be able to help you

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@gaojunxiao but It must be on road. I m using for real time gps tracking car

It must know the actual data path, to real-time tracking.

@gaojunxiao that is the problem, 3d party people gives only 3d map.I m trying from last 7 days. How you can you help me or suggest me?

This problem may be difficult to do, I need to consult some god class character

@gaojunxiao Will You help me to find the right way

I will help you to ask.

@gaojunxiao If u got any solution pls mail me sandip.d@nipun.net , Do you know about navmesh (navigation Mesh)

ok, although my technical ability is not so strong, but I will try my best to do

@gaojunxiao Thank You sir, Your a good person. can u mail me ur mail ID.

I think for that problem patrolJS is right way