NormalNode LOCAL seems broken

Hello Everybody,

I’m trying to use node-based Materials to do triplanar mapping. For my application, the normals need to be in object space and so I thought that might be the node.scope property set to Nodes.NormalMode.LOCAL, but the results look odd. It’s hard to explain but you can check for yourself here:
Choose “node / normal” as the example, observe how the rgb-coded normals stick to the Teapot as they should when the camera rotates around the objects in world space (scope == “world”)

I assumed they should show exactly the same behaviour in local space (since the teapot doesn’t rotate), but they don’t. To me there is no visible difference in scope “view” vs “local”.

Can somebody confirm that this might be broken? I don’t wanna make an idiot out of myself posting an issue just because I didn’t understand what the NormalNode actually does. As a side note: There’s also the “node / position” example, which for me shows the expected behaviour for the scope values.

Thanks for your help!