Need ammo break (three.js): Put gltf to ammo.js bodies. Put and tie up ammo.js sphere with camera

3 questions:

  1. It is necessary to add to the scene (ammo break in three.js) a 3D model as a solid for the map of interaction with the player and objects (for example gtlf).

  2. Need to add a sphere to the camera so that it moves behind the camera as if moving firstperson shooter (fps-example in three.js). Where the camera with the controller (PointerLockControls) moves, the body of the sphere moves there with its tail.

  3. Necessary to add any 3D model (for example gtlf), as a body for as well to breaking into fragments, similar to primitives if it is possible.

Please help a newbie with a few code (source), correct my tries plz, if it is possible.