Need a way of easy translation

Hello All,

I am trying to read cad files by this dxf-parse

It always give me such big points and i want to translate them near to 0. I need a formula that works for all combination like (x,y), (-x,y), (x,-y) etc and translate the geometry properly near to 0 so i can see them.

new THREE.Vector3(11480992.59240649,3454785.183761712,0)
new THREE.Vector3(11481107.78168301,3454732.692403951,0)
new THREE.Vector3(11481100.31350271,3454716.314788647,0)
new THREE.Vector3(11480985.23491298,3454768.755673313,0)
new THREE.Vector3(11480992.59240649,3454785.183761712,0)

Try to use :thinking:

or is it just about the scale?

const g = new Group()