Multidimensional cube for data display

Dear Community,

We are developing a risk-management SaaS Platform and are already live with selected customers and a small preview. It is a react.js + SaaS Application and we are a very small team.
I am looking for someone, who is interested to create a multidimensional cube to display data inside my app.
We have a pretty tight schedule. The work should be done remote. And we have more ideas and just starting…
Please contact me at

Cheers, Harald


We have a dynamic data structure where we have anything between 1 and lets say 20 dimensions. Each Dimension can have between 2-12 items.

Than we have the data. Each data-item has between 1 and 20 selected dimensionitems (max one for each Dimension), which means you can render each data-item inside the cube, where all dimensionitems intersect.

Next Level is to render the size of the intersecting Point in regard to the amount of data-items, that have the same Position, the added values of the data-items, the average value of the data-item and some more values to come.

It would be great if we could have a click-event on the intersecting dots inside the cube or at least some data on Hoover.

I am also thinking about unwrapping the cube … and I like creative input and inspiration…

Is this possible to do?

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