Move bone after animation

Hello again,
I want to give my character some eye movement. I can’t find a way to move the eyes after the skinned-mesh of the character updated the animation mixer.

In Unity there is a function called “LateUpdate” the method gets called after all animators have updated.
At this point you are able to manipulate the bones so that they have a different rotation.

So how can i use the lookAt function while playing an animation?

Thank you!

Where do you update your animations? I update mixer bound to their objects so i can skip updating matrices when not visible, this way i can also implement bone manipulations after updating the mixer before rendering.

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Hey, this is how i’m trying it right now but they eye does not rotate. The animation is played correctly.

 function animate() {

        let delta = clock.getDelta();

        if (mixer) {


        // Eye movement
        if (leftEye) {
            leftEye.rotation.y += 0.01;

        renderer.render(scene, camera);