Model rendering issues after upgrading to R118 from R117 (models disappear in Safari, shadows still rendered?)

Three.js R117 worked flawlessly. Since R118 there are rendering issues for the buildings:

I started diving into the release notes, also into accompanying commits (LightShadow), etc. but can’t find anything guiding me towards a solution to this problem.
The models being loaded are Draco compressed. It irritates me that there are no problems on the dedicated GPU in Chrome which is also why it took me quite long to even notice this bug.

Can you please try to use WebGL1Renderer? Since r118, WebGLRenderer uses a WebGL 2 rendering context by default. WebGL1Renderer enforces a WebGL 1 rendering context.

WebGL1Renderer does not change the situation at all, unfortunately.

I realized that calling “mesh.geometry.computeVertexNormals();” makes the models appear. In R117 this was not necessary – also takes up quite some computing. Do you know why this seems to be necessary now? Is there a way around it?

Many thanks for any further guidance.

Ok I handled the computing efforts by moving the “computeVertexNormals()” call to my web worker — and creating a normals buffer via geometry.getAttribute(“normal”).array.buffer. This way the main thread stays clean and the whole thing runs again.

Thank you for your attempt to help though! If you have any further tips or information why this became necessary, it’d be much appreciated.