Model not showing while using hdr mapping for reflection


I have this model that i’m trying to replicate from this site:

However, my model is not being shown, when i log it, it is there as a base 64 string so its being loaded. What am I missing here?

You do not render the scene with composer.render.

When I add it, I see something like this:


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Where did you add that? I’ve updated the codepen with the code added but i’m not seeing that logo :confused: Also it seems from your screenshot that the TextureLoader is not being applied

I’ve added this, not just the render command. Also, moved the camera from z=5 to z=25 (it was too close).

function animate() {

That seems indeed do the trick! When trying to create the reflection on the model, its still not showing up. I’ve forked my codepen due some adjustments:

I’ve found another example and came to this. Still not sure how to get the reflections inside my model instead of the envirement shown in the site (

Just out of curiousity, why do you create logoMesh and don’t add it to the scene? What purpose of this mesh in your code?

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Well i think it’s 4hours of sleep and the lack of coffee, adding that to the scene instead of mesh makes this work :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps any idea how to get that “glitch effect” like you see here?

(I can’t add a screenshot here, don’t know why but its that spinning logo on the background)

Looks like RGBShiftShader, that used here: three.js examples
But I’m not sure.