Model difference issue

hey community :slight_smile: i’m having weird problem, i write the same code twice but have difference in model visibility.

on the left
typescript, and on the right vanilla js … very strange i’m using the same file and textures but the model look different… what gone wrong ?

Check console errors.

thanks… these is the logs
THREE.Material: ‘map’ parameter is undefined.
setValues @
THREE.Material: ‘alphaMap’ parameter is undefined.
setValues @Chaser_Code

Check in network textures are loaded ?

i’m getting 304 the textures and the model on both screens, maybe the problem is the way i’d import to mixamo and export it ?

304 Not Modified. Maybe need to clean cache in browser ctrl+f5 or server

i clean the cache and it still not modified …

Try to rename model file. If not helped then try to rename textures too.

I will try this and to re import to mixamo

i’d change the file name and path but still i get 304 error :upside_down_face:

Can you give archive with bug?

i think it may be ts compiler bug/issue because my model is a custom one and just now i download model from mixamo and the same issue occurred with ‘map’ parameter is undefined and ‘alpha map’…