MIT-licensed 3D file and data manager - level 1 : auto-arrangement of sub-folders now works! :)

with much joy i want to announce the arrival of my MIT-licensed (free for all) 3D file and data management web-app, which is based on ThreeJS.

the first hurdle is now cleared : auto-arrangement of sub-folders in a tree data set (JSON input).

FYI : the rest of my websites CMS framework code is also MIT-licensed :slight_smile:

demo at 3D file manager on

sources at nicerapp_v2/na3D.source.js at 323764dc333677ba366d08ea6f706789c1ee4d14 路 nicerapp/nicerapp_v2 路 GitHub

i hope you can find a use for this, do email me at if you want to share back :slight_smile: