Methods for scaling Object3D

Is there a simple scale() function for the Object3D or Group classes as there is one for the geometry class? The scale property for Object3D sadly is read only. There are several simple functions for translation and rotation but all i found for scaling is .applyMatrix4(). If i’m missing something i would be glad for any hint! Thanks in advance!

You can still set values like so:

object.scale.set( 2, 2, 2 );

Ok that’s simple indeed. Thanks for your answer!

Object3D.scale is actually an instance of Vector3, an object with a lot of useful methods and properties.

For instance you could also use this :

object.scale.setScalar( 2 );

or this :

object.scale.x = 2;
object.scale.y = 2;
object.scale.z = 2;

Object3D.position is also an instance of Vector3.