Looping of Falling Leaves

I want to create a background effect where leaves are falling, like in this project but smaller:

Can anyone give me a hint about how to achieve this?

Should I create the leaves in Blender with animation and then import them?
Or can I use a Sketchfab asset and apply physics to it with some looping logic?

Leaves model: Falling Leaves - Download Free 3D model by marcusparisi [df2c30d] - Sketchfab

Thank you for your time!

I’d use a single leaf and instance it… or even just a bunch of .clone() s of a single leaf mesh.
There appears to be less than 100 of em or so, so the drawcall count won’t kill you, and it will be easier to code… just giving each a random rotation offset that you add each frame etc.

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Yeah! You gave me an awesome idea. I can disperse the leaves in a radius and create a rotation movement, so they fall in front of the camera and return to the top behind. Thank you, @manthrax !!

OGL has a nice fallen leaves example. It would be fairly straightforward to port to three.js.

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