Looking for ThreeJS contractor (part time)

Hi ThreeJS community,

We’re building an interactive platform to showcase home furnitures and are looking for a contractor to join us. Details are listed below and please reach out to info@roho.space if you’re interested (or DM me for any questions you have). We’re hiring for part time, but are open to the idea of converting to full time when the first stage of the development is finished.

Some details about ourselves: we are a team of small group of people and are passionate about making home furnishing a better experience for everyone. Our team consists of designers, business operators and technologists (most of us are college classmates back at Cornell and one of us holds design degree from Harvard). If you’d like to know more about working with us, reach out any time (email, DM, etc.)!

Core requirements (importance ordered from top to bottom):

  1. Proficiency in ThreeJS
  2. Good general frontend development skill
  3. Must be able to communicate in English

Responsibilities (priority ordered from top to bottom):

  1. Work on 3D showroom with interactive features (interacting with furniture, decor, control panel, etc)
  2. Implement new frontend features for better UX experience.

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