Looking for help in creating a Three.js Website

I want to create a website similar to this website : https://dnacapital.com/
If you are interested, send a@fke.sa an email with your previous works or similar works.

Happy to be here !
Thank you

i just checked the website and I think this might be helpful for you the DNA structure you can see is not generated using code but rather the model.

It’s a Draco compressed glb file.

I can’t share the file that I got from the website but I can tell you that this is just a 3d model whose glb file doesn’t look exactly that but the whole point of this is to say that the rotating thing is a 3d model.

I hope that it gave u an idea about the website.

Good luck

Oh, I am sorry I read it wrong, I thought you were looking for help in creating a website.I was confused by the title !!

I thought you are struggling to start with.

I am really sorry

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Hey @Occult_Sensei

I sent you an email, Kindly check it and let me know your thoughts.


Hi @Occult_Sensei
Please check https://dna-chain.vercel.app/
let me know if you are interested in
discord : DS-3dworld#0020
telegram : @DSODIN

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