Kml file format support

can we load kml file in three js scene.?
and if yes how can I do that

KMZ is a zipped version of a KML file – you can find an example of using the kmz loader on the three.js examples list. But this loader doesn’t really do anything with the geospatial features of KML – it just loads any 3D models inside the KML file. Those are COLLADA (DAE) files, and not really recommended if you have the option of using or converting to newer formats like glTF.

yes. I found that example. but it support kmz files. when i am tried to load kml file , I can’t load kml file

If you zip a KML file it becomes a KMZ file – they’re the same format. three.js does not provide a loader for unzipped KML files, so you will have to use KMZLoader or make your own version.