Jamir, a browser fps game developed with three.js


Hi everyone,

I deployed an offline training room for my three.js fps game Jamir so that people can check the gameplay before i release the whole multiplayer version. Sorry i didn’t have time to add a play as guest option.

Here is the link

Feedbacks would be great for the new updates

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Its amazing :open_mouth:

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Thanks appreciate it.



Hey, it looks like adblockers block your script fingerprint.js and that stops the game from working.

What’s the purpose of that script?

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I removed fingerprint.js from all pages. It must be working now. I was using it to check if multiple pages are open or not by the user while gameplay :slight_smile: I can track that with many different ways, it is good that this issue is fixed btw.

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Is it possible to play as guest? This option is disabled for me :slight_smile:



Sorry i didn’t have time to add that option yet. Membership i made needs no email or anything else, just with a nick and pass…



Looks great, reminds me of half life a bit.



Thanks, appreciate it! I am curious if the performance was good or not because i didn’t get any feedbacks about it :slight_smile: I changed all the json files to glb (i was using r97 and now the latest version) and realised that raycast performance is a little bit slower. I think this is related with changing objects from geometry to buffergeometry.



I didn’t see any issues with performance, but my hardware is not representative, i run GTX 1080 and have a 4.2Gz base clock intel CPU. For raycasting I recommend using a spatial index, like a BVH or an OctTree. Also, i feel you use too many textures and materials in the game, based on CPU spikes I saw during load time. I would recommend trying to cut down on number of distinct materials or using a texture atlas here and there. But like I said - I saw no issues.

I’ve seen your game on reddit too, looked pretty awesome, I think you got important parts well sorted out.