Issue with TetrahedronGeometry after r124

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to update the code written in the r84 version. I was able to update the code to r124.

However, the result is different from r125 onward. I have tried everything, but I am unsure what the issue is.

r124: pedantic-archimedes-h3845c - CodeSandbox
r125: pedantic-archimedes-h3845c - CodeSandbox
r157: pedantic-archimedes-h3845c - CodeSandbox

Mots likely this is a result of how the wireframe property is managed since r125. One way to mimic the effect is to use a fog. For example:

scene.fog = new THREE.Fog( 'black', 390, 415 );

produces somewhat similar effect, but the code is very sensitive to camera position and object position/size:


Alternatively, you might use textures or custom shaders.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve run into a challenge with Fog, and it seems it’s not delivering the final result I had hoped for. So I’ve decided to explore alternative approaches.

If you happen to have any insights or pointers on how I can achieve the desired result, I would greatly appreciate your guidance.

Both alternatives would require some coding, so I do not know any quick fix (apart from sticking to the old version).



This solves the issue, and it’s working up to 157 versions.

Do you know if I can do a similar override fix for the rf3?

I was able to solve using following: Thanks for the all helps

geometry = BufferGeometryUtils.mergeVertices(geometry)