Is there any way to make a mesh in a group not to rotate when group rotates

I have a group(player) of a mesh and i want 2 mesh’s in group( 2d plane which is health bar and health bar background ) do not rotate when complete group is rotating.Is there any way to disable rotation of particular mesh.
Way i did:
Group can only rotate around y axis, so i apply negative rotation to them which works well. On scaling (as health reduces) health bar width reduces from left and right together. But i want health bar width reduces from right side(as in most games).For that i move x of health bar towards left if it is not full. This leads to change in center of mesh and it starts coming front and back of health background.

What you should do is setting the quaternion of your 2 meshes to be the same quaternion as the camera one.

By doing so, the two meshes will always face the camera (like sprites).

Of course, do mesh.quaternion.copy(camera.quaternion) after you have rotated your group, to erase the rotation for those meshes.

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