Is there a timeline editor for KeyframeTrack?

I imported a mesh with an animation to three.js, and I wanted to know: is there a timeline editor for playing, stopping and deleting points on the KeyframeTracks? Like Blender, or any other 3D modelling/animation software.

I’m searching for libraries that do this, but I’m not finding any that are already integrated to three.js, only ones that animate css attributes of HTML. Is there one with this 3D integration, or do I have to make the integration myself with something like Timeliner?

The mentioned GitHub project was once used to provide an official example. Its purpose was to show how to provide a GUI for managing animations/keyframes in three.js. Since the project was not really maintained anymore, the example was removed last year.

So yes, you have to develop a timeline integration by yourself. Timerliner is already a good start. You could directly use it or build something based on this project.

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