Is there a benefit into disabling 0 weight animationActions?

Hi all,

I have an animated character with quite a bunch of looping actions, like running, walking, etc…
Right now, for blending the animationActions, I only set their weight manually with a custom tweening system, like this :

action.setEffectiveWeight( customTweening() );

However, most of my actions have a weight of 0 when they are not used, and I wonder if I’m losing performance by not setting animationAction.enabled = false.

What do you think ? Does the animation system spend time on weight 0 actions ?

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Yes, although the additional overhead is minor. AnimationAction does update the time and time scale values for enabled actions with a weight of 0 (this happens because the effective weighting depends on interpolation when fading is used). However, they do not have an influence on the final animation state because of:

So it’s actually best to disable the action if you want to be on the save side.


Ok thanks for the information @Mugen87, I will update my code accordingly !