Is it possible to use a geometry from a GLTF mesh in FIRE?

I am able to get the fire effect on a plane, sphere, and other simple geometries but I can’t get it to work on a mesh that was loaded in.

I’m trying to go for a Ghost Rider type effect where there is fire around a skeleton model.

AFAICS, THREE.Fire works best on planar surfaces with texture coordinates in the range [0,1]. So I think it will be a bit complicated to implement the intended effect with THREE.Fire for a character model.

Yeah when I saw it was done with a plane I didn’t it’d work well. The texture coordinates mapping into 3D ends up with seams and strange behavior.

Thanks for the quick reply I’ll try another route :slight_smile:

In case anyone comes here and wonder what Fire on a non-planar surface looks like:

As you can see it definitely is a bit unruly to use with a character model.