Is it possible to load coordinates/data from database during runtime to create/update BufferGeometry?

I would like to implement something like this, but first I would like to check whether this is possible at all:

The following rough requirements:

) XYZ coordinates and a number ‘x’ are to be loaded from a database.
) From the coordinates I want to render a planet and x satellites orbiting the planet.
) The database can be updated with further entries during runtime, so the additions should be rendered again during runtime.
) There should be the possibility that x satellites should fly from one planet to another planet.
) The planets should be selectable in the scene, so that one can display its status like weight, number of satellites etc. loaded from the database.

Is this realisable with BufferGeomtry? Especially loading dynamically from a database into current rendering?

From what you described, you don’t need to update geometries, only to move meshes around, which is not only possible but very simple. BufferGeometry mesh behaves like Geometry mesh in this case.

If I misunderstood and you actually need to update the geometries (move particular vertices inside the mesh of your model), it’s also possible at runtime, but harder. Geometry is simpler to update than BufferGeometry, but less performant, and soon this class will not be supported in Three anymore.