Is it possible to do facial/ full body motion capture in browser?

I want to do facial or full body motion capture in the browser. I have a 3D rigged character and what I want to achieve is the following: the user gives permission for the usage of the web camera and my 3D character would follow the user’s movements (eyebrows(eyes), mouth movement or arms, torso, legs, something like this). My main question is how I could map the information I receive from the web camera to the character’s rig/ bones and make it follow the user.

Performing full body motion capturing is a very complicated topic. What you usually do is some sort of skeleton tracking which requires special depth cameras. These are not available on most devices and not accessible via the browser.

Assuming you would have a tracked skeleton, you can then map/retarget it on your rigged character model.

I suggest you google this topic since there are many related resources.

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Thank you. I’ve been searching on the web for a while now, but I couldn’t find something solid. I guess I’ve underestimated its difficulty way too much.