Is it possible to design an API for visitors to create their own animation to 3D character on my website

I created a 3D character with skeleton and animation in blender. And then I put the character on my website to present the animation. Since I can only make a few animation for the character, I thought it would be better if I could design an API for any visitors to the website to make their own animations to the character. I wondered if this’s realizable.

Of course it is possible. However, you have to realize that almost all character animations are normally authored in DCC tools like Blender. If users should create animations for your predefined model, you need similar features in your website like Blender has. For example an animation timeline or the possibility to transform the characters skeleton/bones and authoring keyframes.

Instead of developing a custom solution, it might be easier to just provide starter project files (e.g. .blend) for all relevant DCC tools containing the rigged 3D character. Users can then create animations with existing software. When they export their models to glTF and import it in your app, you can then just extract the animation clips from the loaded asset.

Thanks a lot! It sounds like a more reasonable solution.