Inaccurate raycast after upgrading to r134

I’ve successfully changed the files from r102 to r134.
My goal is to export a scene with animation . I’ve successfully export a scene with animation. But at the beginning of the webpage. The raycasting is inaccurate than r102.

Is it possible to export a scene with animation in r102?

No, you need at least r123 for this feature.

Do you mind describing in more detail why raycasting is suddenly inaccurate?

BTW: r134 is not yet published. r133.1 is the latest release.

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Im trying to edit Nostec7’s TeethViewer work
This is the link of his work

As you can see it’s more accurate and clickable in r102

And all of that changes after 134.

Let me try to use r123

The same problem occurs with r123