In parallel phoreal3d

"I want to display a 3D model created in Blender on a web service using Three.js, aiming for the model to be as photorealistic as possible. My plan is to output the model as a video for photorealistic quality, and in parallel, have a simpler 3D model moving behind the scenes for interactive selection within the web service, with both the video and the 3D model synchronized.

However, when I export the model as a GLB file from Blender, even if I set the camera’s focal length and sensor height to be the same, the images don’t align.

Can you help me resolve this issue?"

Yes, but how tho - you didn’t share either the code nor the video :smiling_face_with_tear: But in general, just make sure (1) focal length is the same, (2) camera fov is the same, (3) camera perspective matrix is updated after any changes to it, (4) aspect ratio of browser and the video is the same.