I'm working on real-time cloth simulation

I’m working on real-time cloth simulation. Load models from 3D Max. Then created particles from model vertices , and all this changes its position 60 times per second. My question is:

  • does model size affect performance?
  • will there be a performance difference if Vectors3 calculations getting position values from 0 - 600.0 units or 0 - 6.0 units?
  • does scale affect the rendering performance, of the shadow or anything else, when same looks like?

summarizing, will I achieve an increase in productivity, if I will resize the imported model with a large value to less?

What do you mean by that? Are you referring to the amount of vertices/faces? If so, yes this does affect the performance.


Not to my knowledge.

This makes only sense if you have floating point precision issues. Consider 1 world unit as 1 meter and try to design your assets according to this metric.

yes, floating point precision issues! I mean performance difference between calculation millions 2019.564564564564 or 2.019564564564 floating points. Now my dresses have height 600 meter.

No, that does not matter.

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