Hi Everybody, I am building a project that is called, it is a online museum for people who is interested in industrial design, here you can see full 3d models of important pieces of design along with a brief description of it. I wanted to build this website for increasing the exposure of industrial design to the public in general, still I need more and more models, and although the general look is simple, I wanted to make it as simple as it can be.
Thanks for your comments.


Really cool concept, it reminds me of a much more handsome version of tomb raider’s inventory inspection system. I think it’s a great use of 3D to bring a museum to the home.

I like the simplistic design, a few considerations for usability though;

  • It took a while for me to load the models, and a couple of times I clicked on links thinking it had broken. Turns out the “ID” logo shows when it is loading - I think perhaps putting a progress bar / text to show it is loading will keep visitors informed.

  • Having to travel to and fro the categories is cumbersome, a burger menu would result in less clicks and time making navigating the site easier. Or even a sidebar to the left with a list, as you have a lot of web real estate to work with :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your comment! Is funny, somehow when I was first thinking about the concept of the project, tomb raider also appeared on my mind, the small secret room she had on her mansion which was a mini museum.
Yes, it takes loads of time, probably I shall start to think about importing some json formats instead. And that vehicle category link, yes I need to repair that thing!
I will implement the progress bar as you mentioned, we need to give more feedback when loading; as for the menu I will think of a way to create a more friendly one, you see I am a super noob in programming, but your words are great encouragement. Med Venlig Hilsen!

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Loved the idea and the way it’s implemented.

Just a small hitch, the text flows out of screen at times (when rotating the Wassily chair for example). If only the chair rotated without the text, it would be more intuitive for a user like me, who likes to play around with the 3d mesh while reading about it :slight_smile:
One way this could be possible would be to add the text mesh / sprite to the camera (How to put an object in front of camera in THREE.JS? - Stack Overflow). Or, remove the controls library and bind the mesh rotation to mouse events.


Hello, thanks for your input, yes you know originally I intended in the beginning to place an static text with a basic div or with the text mesh… you are right, people tend to read meanwhile inspecting the items. I will have a look at the resource you send me and give it a try with some pilot versions.
Thanks again for your help.