I want to create a transparent cube and add some cubes within it



I want to create a transparent cube with only edges and display some cubes inside it. But if I use any material, then its displaying solid color. Incase of wireframe I cannot remove the lines on the vertices. Any help is much appreciated.


Use THREE.EdgesGeometry() on your main cube.


Thanks for the quick reply. I want to create something like this. Also, a plane at the bottom is what I need. I tried using plane geometry, but could not come up with the texture like this.


We have THREE.GridHelper() for the bottom “plane”.


Will try them out. Thanks a lot for the help


You’re welcome :slight_smile: Feel free to ask :slight_smile:


I successfully created the plane here https://jsfiddle.net/praveendines_/sgbftz32/

I have another quick question, is it possible to design this in three js editor https://threejs.org/editor/ and export it as code or something for usage?