Human Grasping patterns dataset explorer

Hi, I used three.js to create the website at

It allows one to interactively explore the ContactDB dataset, which records how people grasp household objects, specifically where they touch those objects. The mesh textures show human touch, which we revealed through a thermal camera. If you want to know more about the dataset, the paper is available at

Thanks three.js devs!


You used photogrammetry? How you mapped thermal texture?

Looks like dataset not averaged between different measurements. Some of the object have symmetry and they can rotate for example.



We had mesh models because we 3D printed the objects. After a participant had held the object for a few seconds and put it down on a turntable, we scanned the object with a thermal camera to see the heat left by their hand on the object surface. And then we texture mapped the mesh model with these thermal images.

You’re right the data is not averaged between different participants. The idea was to capture individual grasps as correctly as possible.