How to use parse with IIS Express

I have a problem loading models using an app hosted via IIS Express.

I also have a react app as a demo. I use the gltf loader. I import the gltf (as a json) and pass it to the loader.parse method via JSON.stringify(json). That works flawlessly.

I copy all the code and adapt all the paths for a application that is running over vs with iis express. I get a 404 error because the loader wants to access localhost/[Object object] and also “Failed to load buffer”.

I have no idea what the loader wants to access. Everything is embedded in the json as base64 and I also converted my json to a ArrayBuffer and ran into the same problem.

What am I missing?
Thanks for helping out.

I’m not sure I understand the problem.

IMO opinion you should serve and load GLTF files only. GLTF is pure json data.

Take a look at setPath maybe helps you.