How to transform an object relative to the camera?

Need to bind a sphere to the camera so that you can move and the physical sphere will follow the camera. Body person - it is camera and make shots and moving /straifing on the physikal map with coollisian

Have you considered to add the camera to the scene and then add the sphere to the camera? You can then configure a transformation for the sphere which will be relative to its parent (the camera).

Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted, since a controller with good movement (gameplay) is attached to the camera. If you put the camera in a capsule, as in the example (fps) and control the capsule itself, then there are many problems for me.

Please tell me how to bind a 3D model (gltf or another) to this scene to ammo wrold collisian (ammo break in three.js) if it is possible. Do I understand correctly, this need to do any approximation or triangulation for a 3d model to be recognized by ammo.js, but i do can’t search any sorse code exmaple about this task and instruction, unfortunaly. Main idea - I would like to make a shooter, where can be attach a capsule to the camera, depending on the camera and control (pointlockcontrol). Do you have some example of how to bind a 3D model in solid state physics?

Sorry, I’m not familiar with ammo.js.