How to set position and rotation for a shape formed from intersects from a click event on a plane in 3D space (the plane is always perpendicular to the camera)

I have a project that creates a polygon inside 3d space. When clicking on shape button a plane will be appear, it will retrieve the intersects coordinates and create a shape based on those coordinates. The plane’s condition is always perpendicular to the camera. When I rotate the camera past other origins, my shape will be skewed. Does anyone have any solution for me?

this is my demo: young-meadow-g9j5f9 - CodeSandbox

What would be the expected behaviour? The simplest solution I can imagine is to not make the plane perpendicular to the camera, since rotating the camera makes the points no longer planar.

I need a plane that is perpendicular to the camera so that when I render the texture onto the box there will be devices. The purpose of drawing the polygon is that I want to mark and highlight the devices. Do you have any other solution to be able to draw any any polygon without having to click on the plane?

I made a glitch with how I might approach your problem: