How to resize all of the child mesh, and make their scale 1:1:1

This is probably a really dumb newbie question. What I am trying to do, is import models from Sketchfab, etc… various formats. And export them to Secondlife/OpenSim, as Collada. The Collada export works, from Three.js. But, it crashes the viewer when it tries processing the uploaded mesh.

I looked at what Blender does for Collada export, with “SL/OpenSim” selected. And it looks like the viewer can’t handle the child nodes being a complex combination of different scales and rotations. Is there an easy way to apply the parent scale and reorient/resize the child mesh so their scales are all 1:1:1? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Which viewer crashes?

And can you share a model that is causing the crash?

Ah, this is a Secondlife/Opensim viewer. The Three.js parts are all working fine. I am loading a GLTF model into Three.js, and then exporting to Collada. It is the Firestorm viewer that is crashing while importing the resulting Collada. And it does it with pretty much any model, it crashes, or the mesh comes out a bit garbled. What I need to do is simplify all of the scales and rotations on the child mesh objects I think.

So what I am asking… is there a way I can iterate through all of the children, and apply the parent scale, rotation, etc… Change the mesh in other words… So all the children’s scales and rotations are 0. I think that is what needs to be done. Like a .notAllCattyWumpus(); method. lol

These are screenshots of what I am winding up with. I have a good, loaded GLTF model, when I export to Collada, you can see it is a mess. I tried the same model that I had previously exported from Blender, as Collada, and the whole process works perfectly. So I think it is just a matter of straightening out the children, like Blender does.

I tried it in the Three.js editor, and exported Collada and it worked fine… So I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with the 3js Collada export. The model just needs some processing.

Link to my converter/exporter…