How to render scene at 2x viewport height without changing relative size of objects

Hello! :wave: I’m trying to create a camera animation that is controlled by scroll position. I’ve created a camera and camera animation in Blender and then exported to GLTF and gotten the animation hooked up to scroll. However, to give the animation the vertical space it needs to complete, I’ve made the to be 2x viewport height. This results in the object appearing too close to the camera. Is there a way to adjust the GLTF camera animation to account for the 2x viewport height? I feel like I’m missing something basic!

View with 2x height:

View with regular fullscreen dimensions:

Instead of animating the camera, you can animate a Group and make the camera a child of that group… then you can freely adjust the camera relative to the animation point.

let animatedGroup = new THREE.Group();

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Ok, yeah that’s a good idea! I had thought of animating the meshes in the scene instead of the camera, but animating the camera seemed easier in Blender. But it sounds like for this situation I need to free up the camera so it can be adjusted to fit the tall .

Ya you can animate the camera directly, but inserting a node above the camera and animating that instead lets you still have one other level of control over the camera.

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