How to paint everything within a volume?

In a scene, I only want to get the content in a certain area, and other places are not displayed. For example, in a map, I only want to keep the objects in an administrative region, including building blocks, roads and other elements, while the others disappear.
like this.
Unlike above, I want a region with a more complex border, not a simple circle, maybe a lot of edges,What can I do to get to this?
Can only use clipping plane to do it?Is there another solution? If there is no other plan, I would also like to hear from you. Let me not waste my time thinking about other plans.
Thanks in advance

  • You can arrange each region in a separate group and then show/hide groups as needed.
  • Alternatively, you can use layers, so objects from the same area belong to the same layer. Then you can pick which layers you want to render.
  • A third approach is to show/hide manually elements by checking whether they are inside an area.
  • A more general approach is to use CSG, but it might be slow if you have too many and too complex 3D elements.