How to contain two or more models with different renderer options in one canvas?

Hello, everybody!
I’m glad to post my first topic, i have next situation:
i should place 3 models gltf with own color property and lights characteristics in one canvas window.
Models link with each other with tween animation (like a slide-a-show)
here is a link to the github pages (Document)
tips: use wheel to the change model

as you can see models 2, 3 have bad representation due too inappropriate lights and color renderer options (they setup for first model)

You could technically just chain 3 render calls with .autoClear disabled and alpha enabled (then just call .clear on the next frame.)

That way you can render 3 independent scenes, with 3 independent light setups, with just one camera - that make it look as if they were a single frame. Just keep in mind that won’t work too well if you’d use more than 3-4 models - and depth testing might not work properly, so make sure models don’t overlap.