How many types of Mesh?

Hi everyone,

How many types of Mesh we do have?
I found out that there is more type of Mesh than just Polygon Mesh.
Such as SkinnedMesh, InstancedMesh, MeshLine,…


To be very exact (mind, most of these are not really all that handy in practice when created manually):

  • InstancedMesh (As the name says - used for instancing.)
  • SkinnedMesh (Combined with Material.skinning for animations. For security reasons consider cloning with SkeletonUtils.clone.)
  • Reflector (Special type of mesh that reflects the scene and helps you with bringing fps down to 0. Requires flat surface.)
  • Refractor (Same as reflector, just exactly the opposite. Requires flat surface.)
  • LineSegments2 (Uses Mesh instead of Line to render lines, see fat lines.)
  • Wireframe (For when you feel like giving your GPU a break is not an option and using Material.wireframe is for the weak.)
  • ShadowMesh (Probably deprecated, but still there cause the name sounds cool.)

Ordered approximately in terms of usefulness.


Thanks @mjurczyk for very detail answer.
I am working on how to extract information of a glTF model.
This could help me a lot!
Thank you! :slight_smile: