How can I set the uv map as the second map?

I have textures of different sizes. the user can set them to the same model. however, the map I set for one texture is incompatible with the other texture because its dimensions are different. Is it possible to create two different maps in blender and select these maps for different textures?

The short answer is no. The material system in WebGLRenderer only supports two sets of uv coordinates. The second one however is intended for light or ambient occlusion maps. All other textures share the first set of texture coordinates and a single texture transformation.

The new node material system (which is mainly developed in context of WebGPURenderer) does not have this limitation.

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so how can i use webgpurenderer in three.js

There is a small selection of examples that demonstrate the new renderer: three.js examples

However, documentation and guides are still missing. But you can expect improvements in this area over the next time.