Hiring Three.js dev to build interactive component of a fashion website

Hi there,

We are building Dopamine, a crypto fashion project partnering streetwear brands with NFT artists to produce limited-edition bundles of physical-digital collectibles for our members.

Our team has a very talented 3D modeler along with a frontend and full-stack dev, and we would like to hire a 3D dev to incorporate an interactive component to our landing page. Below is a video of what we’d want this to look like (this mouse is animated):

We have been experimenting with ammo.js and three.js (originally with react-three-fiber and use-ammojs, but moving to plain three.js + ammo.js since it seems to provide more flexibility) in materializing this vision using soft-body meshes, and realize how this can be quite tricky. As such we are open to changing our direction as well (e.g. using a distortion shader).

Note that all modeling would be done by our modeler, and we primarily need help with making the model interactive using three.js tooling.

This would be a contract position paying around 50-80$ / hr (depending on availability and quality of work), with the option of converting to a more full-time role later on should the candidate have interest in building out other interactive components.

Please email us at apply@dopamine.xyz with a link to some past work if you’re interested!


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