Help with an interesting concept?

So a have a scene setup with orbit control and I’m able to fly around through as expected.

We’ve had our company logo created as a 3D object and I now have that in my scene.

The effect I am looking to achieve:

  1. As I fly around, the logo is always in, say, the bottom left of the viewport, say, distance 1 away from the actual viewport. (of course, its actually moving through space with the viewport, but it gives the appearance its “pinned” to the bottom left

  2. In addition (expert level) - i was wanting it to rotation around its perceived Y axis. It’s not actually rotating around just its Y, but thats what it would be appear to be doing as I flew through the space.

In short, a spinning logo in the bottom left no matter where I fly through space.

I’ve almost given up on having it incorporated into one scene - my maths is simply not strong enough - im now playing with the idea of having two canvas and the logo div over the top of the main scene remaining stationary and just rotating in space… it should work… but i thought id throw the challenge out to the interwebs and see what smarter people than me could come back with!