GLTFLoader - Loading without textures

Good day everyone, I have a question whether it is possible to load a GLTF model without textures. The idea of this optimization is that the first model is loaded completely with textures and the rest without, after loading the first model, you can collect all its material in order to then apply it on new models that will be loaded.

THREE.GLTFLoader does not provide a way to disable materials that exist in the model. But you could put a bunch of materials into one glTF file, and a bunch of geometry without materials in another, and load things from them as needed.


Thank you, I am aware of this option. I am still thinking about storing the model without material, it will load several times faster. But these are all crutches, of course, without normal cloning of the model, you cannot achieve much performance, and at the moment there is no solution for GLTF to clone a model with animation.

There shouldn’t be any problem cloning an animated model, although if it contains a SkinnedMesh you may need to use SkeletonUtils.clone(). If you’re having issues cloning something and that’s the crux of the problem, could you describe that problem more?


Wow, I didn’t know, thank you very much it will greatly increase the performance and download speed)))

Just one question, tell me how to copy the animation correctly?


But I realized here it’s just that everything is the same there, just transfer another object to AnimationMixer.

It’s just great.

The only problem is the positional sound that is present in the scene. You need to make sure that when cloning, the sound is not copied.