GLTFLoader.js not loading

var4Objsct3d.js (1.6 KB)
index.php (3.4 KB)
all the paths to the files are correct, there are no errors in the console, for some reason the image itself is simply not displayed

Uploading: license.txt…
Uploading: scene.bin…
Uploading: scene.gltf…
Сама изображение

license.txt (666 Bytes)
scene.bin (4.0 MB)
scene.gltf (82.7 KB)

Here is the image itself scene.gltf

It seems there is a naming issue. scene.gltf refers to textures/Material.001_baseColor.png but the actual texture file is of type JPG.

Renaming the key to textures/Material.001_baseColor.jpg fixes the issue on my system. Loading the asset in the three.js editor looks like so:

It turns out you need to change the file format? I changed it now, but it still leaves a black screen.